Thursday, February 16, 2012

Project Vanity

I am a girly girl  but one thing I have never had was a cute little Vanity Table and the bench that came along with it. And not to mention those little sets can get expensive (besides the point of the post) anywho, I dont have the room for a vanity at the time but I wanted a little place to store my smell goods, jewlery, my close to non-existent make-up collection, and so on! So this post made me want to gather ideas of ways you can carve out a little niche on your dresser or corner of your closet or even a little hallway cupboard to make a tiny escape to Girly land as you primp for whatever outing you may get ready for. The key to keeping this space fun and inviting is keeping it Organized and while being glam and keeping that budget in check.
(I will be posting  my personal DIY Vanity)

*AlwaysUse what you have or DIY =) (my fave)
$10 for little containers for jewelry and pieces and perhaps a sweet tray to set all your goodies on!

LETS GO......

I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE PIX (borrowed from Pinterest) 

this person used a used picture frame, magnets, and some fabric and a little spray paint and BAM!

A little organization goes a long way (loaf pans)

Add color to your Vanity Table top thru Mirrors, perfume bottles and your tray ;)

You don't need much to make it look Classy!

Re-invent Spaces!

Keep things tidy mix and match your jewelry makeup holders.

Re-purpose..An Old Frame into a Makeup Tray .. Sweet

Theres is no rule as to what size your table has to be...or that it even has to be a table =) It can be any thing from a shelf to a small corner in the bathroom.

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