Monday, February 13, 2012

Closet Cases! =)

I have recently acquired a couple special closet projects and I am super excited!
This particular client is bascially my sister LOL =) (she knows who she is). She has a lot of clothing of course she does cause she is a Glam Fashionista! So this is just the project for me, I wanted to think of a simple way for her to get her closet as fabulous as she is.  My plan is for us to go through what she needs and donate the  extras all the stuff she doesn’t need (she is probably shaking her head no to that if she is reading this). As soon as we pare down we are going to neatly tuck all the clothes away the best way possible folding, hanging, rolling, and stacking. We will def be using stuff she already has and not sure what pieces we will be purchasing just yet but we decide on that after we get things settled in there. So here are few ideas below that anyone can incorporate in their own closet. =) Getting Glam doesn’t have to be expensive actually you get more Glam points in my book for stretching your hard earned dollars. Just use a little creativity colorful bins for clothing items, (I will be posting a DIY of that too use what we got right?!) all the same hanger , make things neat you will be much happier to walk into your closet once its nice and neat! =) GET GLAM!!

Quote of the day: “If it takes you more than 30 seconds to find something it’s in the wrong place” 

Keep things simple and streamlined no need for an expensive REMODEL use what you have....purge all old items store out of season clothes under the bed =)

Make your closet a little chic boutique you have a bookcase? Why not put it in your closet to display all your cute bags!

All little rug goes a long way. Why not throw a little rug down to give your closet a POSH feel =)

If you have shelves in your closet get the most out of them by using bins (dollar store is your friend) and be sure to use all the same HANGER style! Makes such a big difference.

Last but not least its doesn't cost anything to fold your clothing neatly and place them neatly =) Try it today!

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