Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tiny Bathroom .... Organization~Decor

So where we live now is a small condo that is actually up for sale. That being said we (the Family) have the responsiblity to keep it looking nice and neat at all times, due to Buyers and Agents popping in at anytime! This makes me happy beacuse I have the opportunity to stage a REAL SPACE, but sometimes a little crazy keeping things neat as if we dont live in the space is quite a chore.

So Besides the closets that need to be organized the bathroom has to be organized better and decorated to my liking. I have downsized the things we have in our bathroom, but it still could use another round of tossing things out. It being so small its should be no biggie to keep things neatly arranged -_- wrong. Its a bit challenging at times.

My Goal For the Space:
~Purge some more items under the sink.
~Update the Medicine Cabinet (another post ;)  )
~Buy some new decorative items to spruce up and freshen up
~Paint the Cabinets and update hardware on them (there are only 2 so yay)
~Organize towels and washcloths

Over all Them and Feel for the Bathroom Goal:  Modern ~ Spa (check out pik below)

Below is a pic I found on GOOGLE  for my INSPRIRATION for our Tiny Bathroom =)
I hope My After will Look something LIKE THIS!!!
My Budget $40.....
Stores I will be going to :
I loveeeeeeeeee THIS STORE cheaper than Ross LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! (aka Fallas Paredes)
Find a Store near you .....(

Gotta get some paint for the cabinets and some hardware

For some odds and ends =) Gotta Love Ross for their Home Goods Section

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Additional Tiny Closet Project..

So since I do have a tiny mini me (who is now 6 years old)  in the house she has been asking for a Vanity Table cause she is quite the girly Girl. So since we have a tiny closet in the living room area I think I will convert this into her little space! I think she will LOVE IT. Stay tuned for pix =)

(Check out the link below for where I got my inspiration and idea to do this Project)


 Some More Inspo I found...Peep Below
Very Nice Tiny Organzied Closet

A cute little Table Set....

A Mini DIY Vanity LOVE IT!!

The Possibilites are ENDLESS...
Lets See what I can come up with.....

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

First Project ~ Closet makeovers Glam Style

I am a young hip mommy who loves all things fashion and all things organized. That being said I want to make over our TINY closets in our small condo, as if i were a celebrity but on my shoestring budget.  I like to decorate and organize things, so this is gonna be a fun weekend project! Well If you have had any personal closet makeovers you would like to share with me or any suggestions please feel free to drop me a line below!!!!

I will be posting before and after pictures of the project! And how I did it =)))

Purge - Get Rid of stuff me and hubby don't need that we are hanging on to -_-
Uniformity - From hangers to storage boxes I want all my things to look neat and tidy
Neat - A neat space always makes me happy =)

Below are some pix of my INSPIRATION

This is A Nice Contrast Between the Pink and Black!
HERE is my FAVE!
Just Something about an organized Shoe Collection LOOOOOVE!!!

Rachel Zoe's Closet Ummm Love it Simple But Well Put Together.

And a Lovely Blogger who Has Wonderfully Designed her Own Closet Check it