Thursday, September 13, 2012

Simple Organizing for School

I like to keep things super simple especially when organizing for my little one.
So In order to keep things tears free and stress free in the mornings I have designated a “Wardrobe Basket” for my little pumpkin. I could just hang them up in the closet or put them in the drawer but we are super limited on space as of right now and I think its just a fun way to get ready and simple since she can see all of what she needs right in the basket.

Supplies for Organizing a putting together a Wardrobe Basket:

$1 =)

Step 1: Fold clothes neatly and roll them up
Step 2: Place in Basket
Step 3: Ummmm thats it. . . .

So now in the morning she just pulls what she needs and it’s a done deal =)

Check out my pix below.

Socks and Stuff

Polo Shirts

Leggings (so cute!!)

BEHOLD!!! The Wardrobe Basket

Ready to Go !

End Result A happy 2nd Grader
Until next time!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Back to School Shopping and Organization

That time of the year is here and I am dreading it. BACK TO SCHOOL!!! A new year, new teacher to get used to, fundraisers and the sad goodbye I am able to eeek out to my little pumpkin on her  first day of school just makes it even more real to me how quickly she is growing up (sigh) Anywhoo I digress.

For me personally I have to make a list when I go to any store and I have to have a certain dollar amount in mind to stay within my limits and not go over only later to be plagued with the infamous "Buyer's Remorse". This year I am just making her back to school shopping list super simple and easy.

I will be making it colorful with big words and check boxes so my little Missy can help me with it. There will be two lists one for clohting items and one for school supplies I am hoping to only go to 2 stores. But since I have been couponing I will probably go where the sales are.

2nd Grade here we Come!!!

Clothing List (uniforms yippeee)
-Skirts (2)
-Jumper (1)
-Shorts (2)
-Pants (1)
-Leggings (3)
-Shirts (10)
-Shoes (2 prs)

School Supplies
-Lunch Box
-Back Pack
-Paper work Binder (for school announcements,handouts)
- Home work Binder (Completed homework)

I will tell you how I do as far as budget and where I went =)
Stay Tuned for How I Organize her School Clothes and Paper work

Friday, July 6, 2012

$5 Dollar Craft Challenge...DIY Kids Animal Coin Purse

Hi Hi!
SO Once again I decided to jump in the dollar store crafts challenge 
( this month it was pretty Fun. I had a hard time deciding what to do and how to do it with a budget of $5 possibilities are endless =)..

So I decided to make a little animal coin purse for my little mini me..... Peep Below for the Project Breakdown..

List of Supplies:
-Small Stuffed animal (I got hers from the dollar tree)
-Fabric for lining of purse (little bathing suit from dollar tree)
-Purse Strap Optional (I just took the one from the water bottle that i got from the dollar tree)
Needle and thread already had on hand. =) 

small stuffed animal, tiny bathing suit, and water bottle with strap

here is the little guy before he got De-Stuffed ....

De-stuffed =(

After you have de-stuffed your little animal turn it inside out and cut a piece of the lining you would like to sew inside of the purse part.Get your needle and thread sure wish i could have found my hot glue gun -_- ....uggh..anywho

Here is my lining sewn in =)

Here is the water bottle i took the straps off of to sew on the little animal as the purse straps...
Here are the straps removed
And grab that needle and thread again to sew the strap on for the last step =)

And someone was happy to Model it and Try it out =)


That cute little FACE!

The lining

Now Stuff with Coins!

And she is Good to GO! 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another Dollar Store Craft Challenge: WEDDING CRAFTS

Hey hey! Ok So I decided to do yet another Dollar Store Crafts ( )  challenge the theme this time is WEDDINGS =) Now I myself did not have a big wedding I had a super small wedding...SUPER SMALL. But I often think about how i would have did things if I did have a traditional wedding.

Here is just a quick Craft Idea that's inexpensive 


List of Supplies
1. Power Clips (pack of 6 from the Dollar Tree)
2. Paint:  Spray Paint would work great but I didn't have any at the moment so I used nail polish
3. Print out of Save The Dates =))))  (MS Word)
4. A bead or a jewel to affix on top of the Magnet 

Clips   (6 pack for $1)

Paint the  magnet clip (this is the step where Spray Paint would have been GRRRREAT -_- )

Get your "Save the Date" and trim it to Size and add some colorful paper behind for a Border 

What it Looks like on the Fridge... close up below

Top it off with a Rhinestone and here is Finished Product YAY!! 

Until Next Time Love Laugh and Hula =) 


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mini Closet Organization challenge


So here is my entry for the dollar Tree Spring Clean Challenge I used some storage items that I found at my local dollar tree to put this tiny play closet back in order.
Here is what I used below.

3 Pink Sorage Bins
2 Mini Beverage Totes
and a trash bag =)
Basically a Total of $5
and about an Hour of purging and tidy-ing things up =) 

Here is the final result of my daughter's mini closet spring cleaning over haul =)

and here are some close ups below.

A mini beverage tote used to corral her little shoes!

Mini Sotrage Bins to Put her games and Crafts In.

Hope this helps anyone looking to organize simply! 

Love Much,

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dollar Tree Spring Cleaning Challenge

Hiyeeeee! Im back from outter space dont turn around now with that sad look upon your face i shoulda....
Ok So Im back and I wanted to share a little something I am going to be doing (hence the title of the post)
So over at they are having a Dollar Tree Challenge that is helping us all get a jump start on our spring cleaning around the house however while doing this the contest states you should be using items you can find at the dollar tree that is right up my Tree or errr umm alley...'_'  Anyone who knows me knows I love the dollar tree and being the great mom that I am I have turned my six year old daughter into a Dollar-Tree-er! =) We love it and we can spend a long time in that place. SO I am excited to get started on my Project I have until Sunday. OH and the grand prize is $100 gift card to DOLLAR TREE sweet.
Well I have posted a link for the rules and contest info below sheck it out!
And I am off to get my Project On come back on Sunday to see  the Before and Afters of My Chosen Hot Spot that I have submitted for the CONTEST!

Take care Lovely Glamies!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Project Vanity

I am a girly girl  but one thing I have never had was a cute little Vanity Table and the bench that came along with it. And not to mention those little sets can get expensive (besides the point of the post) anywho, I dont have the room for a vanity at the time but I wanted a little place to store my smell goods, jewlery, my close to non-existent make-up collection, and so on! So this post made me want to gather ideas of ways you can carve out a little niche on your dresser or corner of your closet or even a little hallway cupboard to make a tiny escape to Girly land as you primp for whatever outing you may get ready for. The key to keeping this space fun and inviting is keeping it Organized and while being glam and keeping that budget in check.
(I will be posting  my personal DIY Vanity)

*AlwaysUse what you have or DIY =) (my fave)
$10 for little containers for jewelry and pieces and perhaps a sweet tray to set all your goodies on!

LETS GO......

I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE PIX (borrowed from Pinterest) 

this person used a used picture frame, magnets, and some fabric and a little spray paint and BAM!

A little organization goes a long way (loaf pans)

Add color to your Vanity Table top thru Mirrors, perfume bottles and your tray ;)

You don't need much to make it look Classy!

Re-invent Spaces!

Keep things tidy mix and match your jewelry makeup holders.

Re-purpose..An Old Frame into a Makeup Tray .. Sweet

Theres is no rule as to what size your table has to be...or that it even has to be a table =) It can be any thing from a shelf to a small corner in the bathroom.

Check out these DIYs too...

DIY Compact Holder