Thursday, September 13, 2012

Simple Organizing for School

I like to keep things super simple especially when organizing for my little one.
So In order to keep things tears free and stress free in the mornings I have designated a “Wardrobe Basket” for my little pumpkin. I could just hang them up in the closet or put them in the drawer but we are super limited on space as of right now and I think its just a fun way to get ready and simple since she can see all of what she needs right in the basket.

Supplies for Organizing a putting together a Wardrobe Basket:

$1 =)

Step 1: Fold clothes neatly and roll them up
Step 2: Place in Basket
Step 3: Ummmm thats it. . . .

So now in the morning she just pulls what she needs and it’s a done deal =)

Check out my pix below.

Socks and Stuff

Polo Shirts

Leggings (so cute!!)

BEHOLD!!! The Wardrobe Basket

Ready to Go !

End Result A happy 2nd Grader
Until next time!