Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another Dollar Store Craft Challenge: WEDDING CRAFTS

Hey hey! Ok So I decided to do yet another Dollar Store Crafts ( )  challenge the theme this time is WEDDINGS =) Now I myself did not have a big wedding I had a super small wedding...SUPER SMALL. But I often think about how i would have did things if I did have a traditional wedding.

Here is just a quick Craft Idea that's inexpensive 


List of Supplies
1. Power Clips (pack of 6 from the Dollar Tree)
2. Paint:  Spray Paint would work great but I didn't have any at the moment so I used nail polish
3. Print out of Save The Dates =))))  (MS Word)
4. A bead or a jewel to affix on top of the Magnet 

Clips   (6 pack for $1)

Paint the  magnet clip (this is the step where Spray Paint would have been GRRRREAT -_- )

Get your "Save the Date" and trim it to Size and add some colorful paper behind for a Border 

What it Looks like on the Fridge... close up below

Top it off with a Rhinestone and here is Finished Product YAY!! 

Until Next Time Love Laugh and Hula =)