Friday, July 6, 2012

$5 Dollar Craft Challenge...DIY Kids Animal Coin Purse

Hi Hi!
SO Once again I decided to jump in the dollar store crafts challenge 
( this month it was pretty Fun. I had a hard time deciding what to do and how to do it with a budget of $5 possibilities are endless =)..

So I decided to make a little animal coin purse for my little mini me..... Peep Below for the Project Breakdown..

List of Supplies:
-Small Stuffed animal (I got hers from the dollar tree)
-Fabric for lining of purse (little bathing suit from dollar tree)
-Purse Strap Optional (I just took the one from the water bottle that i got from the dollar tree)
Needle and thread already had on hand. =) 

small stuffed animal, tiny bathing suit, and water bottle with strap

here is the little guy before he got De-Stuffed ....

De-stuffed =(

After you have de-stuffed your little animal turn it inside out and cut a piece of the lining you would like to sew inside of the purse part.Get your needle and thread sure wish i could have found my hot glue gun -_- ....uggh..anywho

Here is my lining sewn in =)

Here is the water bottle i took the straps off of to sew on the little animal as the purse straps...
Here are the straps removed
And grab that needle and thread again to sew the strap on for the last step =)

And someone was happy to Model it and Try it out =)


That cute little FACE!

The lining

Now Stuff with Coins!

And she is Good to GO!