Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mini Closet Organization challenge


So here is my entry for the dollar Tree Spring Clean Challenge I used some storage items that I found at my local dollar tree to put this tiny play closet back in order.
Here is what I used below.

3 Pink Sorage Bins
2 Mini Beverage Totes
and a trash bag =)
Basically a Total of $5
and about an Hour of purging and tidy-ing things up =) 

Here is the final result of my daughter's mini closet spring cleaning over haul =)

and here are some close ups below.

A mini beverage tote used to corral her little shoes!

Mini Sotrage Bins to Put her games and Crafts In.

Hope this helps anyone looking to organize simply! 

Love Much,

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dollar Tree Spring Cleaning Challenge

Hiyeeeee! Im back from outter space dont turn around now with that sad look upon your face i shoulda....
Ok So Im back and I wanted to share a little something I am going to be doing (hence the title of the post)
So over at they are having a Dollar Tree Challenge that is helping us all get a jump start on our spring cleaning around the house however while doing this the contest states you should be using items you can find at the dollar tree that is right up my Tree or errr umm alley...'_'  Anyone who knows me knows I love the dollar tree and being the great mom that I am I have turned my six year old daughter into a Dollar-Tree-er! =) We love it and we can spend a long time in that place. SO I am excited to get started on my Project I have until Sunday. OH and the grand prize is $100 gift card to DOLLAR TREE sweet.
Well I have posted a link for the rules and contest info below sheck it out!
And I am off to get my Project On come back on Sunday to see  the Before and Afters of My Chosen Hot Spot that I have submitted for the CONTEST!

Take care Lovely Glamies!